Serving/Working with

• Inventors
• Start-ups
• Established companies looking

  for competitive advantage
• Companies needing to

  supplement their current

  engineering & design resources
• Companies without the required



• Medical Devices
• Industrial/Construction Products
• Manufacturing

Why we do what we do

Konceptive was founded after seeing inventors, startups and established companies struggle with developing new products and bringing them to market. Companies are often satisfied selling their current products as long as sales and profits are in line with expectations.  When the market inevitably slows down or sales begin to decline, talk of new products and diversifying the business begins to accelerate. Unfortunately, going to the “New Products Closet” and pulling a new product off the shelf isn’t an option. Under constant pressure to deliver, executives often struggle with the idea of having to invest now to see ROI later. This requires a commitment and a culture of innovation to keep the development pipeline active and producing new winners.

Companies and entrepreneurs need to innovate faster as competition is more intense and customers are more demanding. It’s difficult to develop new products that deliver a compelling customer value proposition when resources like capital and manpower are scarce. The reality is, companies that fail to innovate are replaced in the marketplace by those who do.

That is where we come in. Konceptive is committed to providing truly comprehensive product development services via a process-driven stage-gate approach. During the project development process, our engineers closely monitor details of the intellectual property landscape to develop technical strategies that add value to the business. Creating, obtaining, and protecting strong intellectual property (IP) creates multiple pathways for deriving revenue from the technology; such as take it to market, license, or sell. It is essential to increase company value by growing revenue and profits from new products as well as being able to protect that technology with value-added patents.

Konceptive can be utilized to work on any aspect of a project, from designing fixtures or tooling for manufacturing, to performing IP work, all the way to managing a complete product development process including all of the engineering, design, and analysis.